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[!AltME] Discussion about AltME

you do know if you click on the "M" the most recent is at the top...
maybe a tree in front of the person's icon, indicating that the view 
is not clear because there are messages stacked in front of the person 
for you to read...or an envelope icon?
Or the little dude could hold up its hand indicating it wants you 
to answer.
In answer to the male question, yes that would be referring to males. 
Less than 1% of females are colorblind.
I think the icon idea would work but you could also just have an 
option like when you set your user color that sets the color of groups 
that have not been viewed yet. That way I could set it to bright 
orange or something.
please send that to feedback...built into the panel when you start 
anyone know if the altme server allows you to add your own modules 
(like the bug tracker we used to have in the rebol world?)
and does it allow to create an view of the world, in real time, or 
is that something which can already be done with the altme client 
version, when running a world?
I mean the  "altserve"  product...
When we have group dividers, why are some groups named with a "!" 
prefix ? I find it annoying when manual searching in alphabetical 
they were to indicate which were SDK products
Any flash experts here?  We need a posting tutorial like this one 
: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/posting.php
the ! has sort of become a standard which refers to specific applications, 
instead of just when taking about a topic.  The world masters usually 
add it to a group when they feel it is appropriate.  Basically everything 
that goes into products...
mmm... oh well... the world is not perfect...
[unknown: 9]
Graham wrote "< than 7% of all people, or all males ?" 

Is there any difference (here).  As a matter of fact, other than 
Cindy, are there any females here?
James, yes, good point, as a general rule I try not to use colour 
alone to denote things.  Oddly, you are the first person to mention 

Please note the 7% issue in your feedback, this will push it up on 
the list (the list is big), but we do fix things in a specific order.
Feature Request:  I'd like a one button push or automtated/timed 
solution to bring up the "Getting Started Window" OR remove focus 
from all groups.  Why?  If you aren't actually using AltME (it's 
running in the background), and you get new messages, the messages 
in the group you are currently 'in' aren't highlighted as new.  Which 
can make it confusing when the tool tells you a new message has been 
received, but you don't see a hightlight on any group (and don't 
check the time on the messages in the 'current' group).
[unknown: 5]
Is ALTME development dead or stifled?
[unknown: 9]
Graham, that is pretty funny (Posting).
you should post that in Hunmour!!!!  Not here!
AltME is being worked on, but the big features we are working on 
(as opposed to lots of little ones) will take a while (there is a 
complete rewrite going on).
[unknown: 5]
Wasn't there someone else working on an ALTME clone?
[unknown: 9]
I can only pray.
[unknown: 5]
What is the largest world in ALTME?
Rewrite with big features:  That sounds very promising.  Looking 
forward to it.
[unknown: 9]
Don't know, I don't keep up on it.  But this one is in the top 100.
Actually, since the reset, that might not be true.
We don't track other people's sizes per se.
[unknown: 5]
Got ya.
Can you even really know, since you don't host all of the worlds?
[unknown: 5]
I guess its gonna knock our socks off when we see it.
[unknown: 9]
Yes, becuase we can track connections, but we don't do that exactly, 
so "really  know?" prob not.
Do you have stats on things like the number of worlds 'active' and 
how many you host and how many are hosted elsewhere?
[unknown: 9]
Knock your socks off?  No, perhaps just get rid of a lot of deep 
bugs completely, and enable us to move on to the next stage (applets, 
and applets written by people other than us).
Yes, we track number of worlds, this is reflected on the website.
I have to bolt.
[unknown: 5]
Well, it will be interesting.  I'm now an advisor to the company 
"fellows" on collaboration and other issues.  So, I hope to be able 
to contribute some info some time to the management.
Paul, I help people do that quite often...so if you need ammunition 
to blow them away...I'm only a 4 hour drive away...;-) (I pitch AltME, 
IOS, and other REBOL based technologies...and my road-show is ready 
at a moment's notice)
[unknown: 5]
Yes, I'm aware of thanks :-)    I only advise and stimulate the Fellows 
members thinking.  If they come back I can always refer them to you.
Reichart, one thing  which I realise as a new world master is the 
lack of being able to integrate the altme product within a larger 
toolset within a company toolset.
things like automated notifications and such are very handy when 
tracking procedures which are automated by computers.  This usually 
gets done in mails, but is rapidly ineffective, as people get inundated 
by mails...
this being said, if it can be done as part of your rewrite, the ability 
to run altme on command-line to be able to post to a group, would 
be VERY powerfull.
we could stop using mails when tracking renders and stuff like that.
something like a altme:// protocol loadable within rebol, similar 
to the mySql protocol by Nenad, would be really effective.  reading 
your post from a file browser and saving new posts to it from ANY 
rebol app.    :-)
[unknown: 9]
This is a GREAT feature, and you are talking directly to how I think.
Please write this up and send to feedback for one thing.
So with Uniserve you would be able to send AltME message to IRC etc 
[unknown: 9]
... of course if something like that makes sense, but the possibility 
remains ... :-)
[unknown: 9]
All products and people win when we open up hooks so everything can 
communicate with everything else.